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Digi-Star is dedicated to the development, production and marketing of electronic weighing systems and feed management systems for the global agricultural market. We continually strive to improve the quality of our products, services and relationships. This is achieved by the active participation of creative, highly motivated, responsible people in a team enviornment. Our Precision Agriculture Solutions help feed the world.

Our History:

Our historic association with leaders in the agricultural industry has given us a commitment to the highest standards of quality. This commitment is reflected in our dedication to provide leading edge products to our customers.

1981- Digi-Star originated in Garden City, Kansas, as part of Butler Manufacturing Company and was involved in the development of products for "on-board" weighing in the cattle feeding industry. Our Model OMP 20 Indicators were the first products of their kind and many are still in use today.

1984- Butler moved the scale division to Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and began developing products with other agricultural applications.

1987-  Butler sold its scale and dairy farmstead equipment division to J-Star Industries. The company operated as J-Star Electronics, a division of J-Star Industries, for eight years.

1995- Scale and dairy farmstead division of J-Star Industries becomes stand-alone company known as Digi-Star LLC.

1998- Digi-Star LLC purchased the assets and product line of the (TC) Tyrel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of specialized on-board weighting indicators with unique data transfer and pc software integration capabilities.

1999- Digi-Star LLC purchased marketing capabilities and established a distribution center (Digi-Star Europe) in the Netherlands, to better serve our growing customer base in Europe.

Digi-Star LLC was purchased by Capital for Business, Inc. (CFB), Northstar Capital LLC and members of Digi-Star’s management team from JSI Industries, Inc. (formerly J-Star Industries).

Digi-Star LLC purchased a new facility in Fort Atkinson, WI. The additional space allowed us to improve our lean manufacturing processes and add to our product offering.

2011- Baird Capital announced it had acquired Digi-Star Holdings, Inc. This transition represented an exciting next step for Digi-Star customers and employees.

 Digi‐Star LLC acquired the U.K. based company RDS Technology.  RDS Technology designs and manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for the agriculture and mobile machinery industry.  

2013- Digi-Star opened its online store for specific farm products. 

2014- Digi-Star introduces the Moisture Tracker, the first hand-held NIR device for measuring feedstuffs moisture content.

2015- Topcon Positioning Group announces the acquisition of Digi-Star LLC