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GT 560 + 3G CL-55 (Canada)

GT 560 + 3G CL-55 (Canada)

The GT 560 with CL-55, Smart Cart System is an easy retrofit for any scale-equipped grain cart.
The Smart Grain Cart System paired with a TAP* connectivity device provides weight-verified and go-referenced load data which automatically uploads to you TAP account after the grain cart transfers a load of grain. TAP then post-calibrates your yield data, so your own trusted agronomist can use the automated workflow tool to provide highly accurate variable rate recommendations. Coupled with soil data, TAP begins to provide automated real time agronomic insights for optimized farm management decisions.

The GT 560 Indicator with CL-55 offers several unique and useful features including:
  • Automated data collection in the field with very little operator set up.
  • Automatic data uploading into TAP
  • AutoLog automatically knows when to log data when a load is being taken on or taken off the grain cart
  • The system compensates for varying moisture conditions and send moisture compensated yield/weight back to TAP
Included in the kit: GT 560 indicator, CL55 Antenna, CL55 Mount,  Moisture Sensor, CL55 Power Cable, Topcon Power harness, and AutoLog​ 

Ships October 2019

*TAP Subscription sold separately

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