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The AgriNIR allows you to perform an on-site in real time feedstuff analysis.  With virtually no sample preparation; grab it and go procedure.  The AgriNIR is contained in a compact case and comes pre-loaded with NIR calibration curves for 7 Crop Families(a total of 44 calibration curves).

System Components: 
  • Sample holding cup
  • NIR light source and detector
  • Rugged, high capacity computing device
  • User Interface with keyboard, display, printer and USB port, 110V AC and 12V DC
  • AC power cable
  • Lighter adapter for field use
Operating Environment:
  • Working temperature – 32 degrees to 104 degrees
  • Power supply – 110 to 220V AC (external power supply included)
  • 9 to 32V DC (lighter plug or vehicle battery clips included)
NIR (Crop Families:
  • Corn Silage
  • Hay
  • High Moisture Corn
  • Alfalfa Hay
  • Grass Silage
  • TMR
  • Soybean Flour
How to Use it:
  • Place feed into the sampling cup
  • Insert the sampling cup into the AgriNIR
  • Start the analysis; results will appear on the display screen
  • The analysis results can be printed or transfered to your computer


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NIR Forage Analyzer - AgriNIR™

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